Adlerian mentors’ consultation: 
Adlerian therapists can contact an Adlerian expert and get 15-30 minute consultation to get the Adlerian approach to a specific client issue.

1. Jana Goodermont –
2. Sue Brokaw –
3. Leftheris Papageorgiou –
4. Catherine Hedberg –
5. Nancy Martino –
6. Kate Simonson –

Presentation training:
Adlerians who would like help and support in developing presentations for in-services, workshops, or community education can get help from those who have a great deal of experience in doing them. These presentations spread information about Adlerian Principles and Practices and also become a source for referrals.
1. Jana Goodermont –
2. Gladys Folkers –
3. Sue Brokaw –