Upcoming meetings

October 3, Hallie Williams, Sr.: ​Social Justice and Clinical Practice

November 7, Susan Pye Brokaw: Counseling Adults with ADHD

December 5 Louise Ferry, Identifying and Dealing with Anxious Children

January 9, Jim Bitter; How to Help Clients Change Mistaken Beliefs

February 6, Meghan Williams, ASD Through an Adlerian Lens: Part 2 – Practical Applications

March 6, Tina Feigal, Traumatized Children

April 3, Judy Richardson-Mahre, How ADHD Can Affect Marriages

May 1, Ask the experts: Susan Pye Brokaw & Louise Ferry

June 5, John Newbauer, Cycles of Irresponsible Behavior

July 3, No meeting

August 7, Meghan Williams, Child Encouragement in Times of Uncertainty

September 11, John Reardon, Adler on Human Trickiness

October 2, Rachelle Reinisch, Grief Recovery, Private Logic, and Community

Nov. 6, Roslyn E. Paterson, Anger Management and Shame

Dec. 4, Esther Hollander Felsen, StrengthsFinder–An Adlerian Concept