Alfred Adler expressed the importance of gemeinschaftsgefühl. He said, “it means a striving for a form of community which must be thought of as everlasting, as it could be thought of if mankind had reached the goal of perfection.”

My social interest demands that I speak up and state the problem that is profoundly impacting our community.  Right now, criminals, including rapists and pedophiles, are crossing our border.  Drugs laced with poison, thanks to the Chinese Political Party, are coming into our country and killing our youth at an astounding rate.  People with Covid are swarming over our borders with no masks or shots and are coming into communities throughout our country.  What is being done to stop this?  How can each one of us demonstrate our social interest to help our community? 

The silence in my community is shocking.  This is not a political issue and please don’t make it into that, because politics is dividing us and “a house divided against itself will fall”.  We must unite to try to solve this problem.  How can any one individual do that?  How can we as the Adlerian community do that?

It is time to speak up and work together to solve the problem.  I am offering an open forum to talk about how we as individuals or as a community can address this problem and find a solution.  

What are your ideas?  Each of us has gifts and talents that when used together can begin to solve this problem.  Again, I say, do not make this political!  Put politics aside and unite to try to solve this problem.  Send your ideas to and we will post some of them. Together we can solve this problem.

–Susan Pye Brokaw, Founder, Adlerian Network