Susan Pye Brokaw, MA, LMFT

Adlerian Network founder

This is a time when it is important that mental health professionals help their clients deal with the coronavirus.  Fear compromises the immune system. Let’s focus on how we can be encouraging and optimistic in this difficult time.

We are told that if you keep six feet away from others and wash our hands a lot, we can avoid getting the virus.  Staying at home as much as you can will also help. If you follow the instructions you won’t get sick. That is good news.

Let’s look at other good news.  The malaria drug was found to be 100% effective in France and is being used here now.  If you get sick, you can ask to be given the drug. If everyone who is sick gets tested in two weeks and is isolated, there will be no one out there to pass the virus to others.  So be sure if you have symptoms to be tested immediately. If you aren’t sick, keep your distance from others. 

The important message is that this is a temporary problem.  Fewer people have died from this than from the regular flu. We will get through this soon.  So, encourage clients to follow the rules and they will be fine.