Network founder presents Feb. & April workshops

Feb. 21: Couples Counseling and Therapy

Join Susan Pye Brokaw, MA, LMFT, for this workshop on Feb. 21, 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., at Adler Graduate School in Minnetonka.

You will learn:

* Techniques for dealing with modern marriage issues

* Psycho-educational approaches that teach clients how to function in a healthy relationship

* Tools to help clients learn to solve relationship problems

* Methods to help couples understand underlying reasons for their behaviors in a relationship

* Important information to obtain at intake, and why.
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Coming in April from the Adlerian Network founder:

Counseling Parents of Children Up To Age 12

April 24 from 9-4:30, Adler Graduate School

Susan Pye Brokaw, MA, LMFT

It is the parents’ job to train their children, before the teen years, to be capable, cooperative and contributing, so that they can succeed in the home and community.  When children are misbehaving, parents need to change their approach in dealing with them. This presentation will provide practitioners with techniques for helping parents improve their children’s behavior.


Provide participants with psycho-educational information that is important for parents to learn about raising children.

Participants will learn the purpose behind misbehavior and how parents can understand why the misbehavior is occurring.

Participants will learn specific techniques that will help parents to improve the behavior of their children.


Susan Pye Brokaw will teach, demonstrate, and provide group activities.  Participants will see how the techniques discussed are used in working with parents.

6 CE’sFor more information and to register:

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Upcoming Network meetings

Adlerian Network meetings are held the first Saturdays of most months from 9:30-11:30 a.m. at Adler Graduate School, and they are free. If you join the Network for $20 per year, you will receive proof of hours for CEs at each meeting.

There is no signup; just come to the grad school and follow the signs. Adler Graduate School is at 10225 Yellow Circle Drive, Minnetonka, 55343.

March 7: John Reardon, An Adlerian Experience of Wellness

A two-hour introductory experience of Wellness based in the human “Innates” that Alfred Adler discovered and used to promote human Wellness. You can expect to review, claim, and apply these “Innates”. The human “Innates” are useful in personal and professional self unity, and in all relationships.

John Reardon, MA, is a Chicago-trained Adlerian. He has been in private practice since 1984, offering therapy and Human and Organizational consulting. He taught a variety of psychotherapy and Human and Organizational Development courses at Adler Graduate School from 1999-2015. He is currently pursuing an in-depth study of “Primal Adler”, the conversion of “the medical model” to Wellness, and the unity of psychology and spirituality. As he is a student he prefers interaction, dialogue, and action. Expect active learning.

Social interest: Adler’s words lead to a blog

Alfred Adler, in his paper entitled  “On the Origin of the Striving for Superiority and of Social Interest,” made the following comment:  “The goal that is best suited for perfection would have to be a goal which signifies the ideal community of all mankind, the ultimate fulfillment of evolution.”

We can do this by ourselves, in our family, at work or in our community.  We can teach our children to do this as well. We should always keep in mind ways that we might contribute.

I have recently cut back to working part-time while all my friends are fully retired.  With some additional time on my hands, I pondered the question of what more I could do.  It came to me that with all the expertise that I have in dealing with ADHD, I could start a blog.  That is rather humorous when you know that I am so technologically illiterate that I know almost nothing about a blog and have never known how to even find a blog.

However, it seemed like that would be a good use of my talent and could help a lot of people who struggle dealing with this condition.  So, I found someone to help me and I launched my blog. I don’t know if many will find it. But I know that those who do will be helped and with help, they can make the world a better place.

We all can ask ourselves if there is another way that we can contribute in a way that makes the world a better place.

If you would like to check out my new blog or know someone who might be interested, go to  I hope you like it.

Susan Pye Brokaw

Founder, Adlerian Network

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